Java fprintf, printf, sprintf (fscanf, scanf, sscanf)





Java scanf


Here is some of the comments I have received since the public release in 1997. I really appreciate your feedback! email

Your package has saved me hours of formatting time. Thanks!
Jaime Wyant, Southern Farm Bureau Insurance, USA, Nov 2000

I am attending Java Certificate program at Depaul university, and our instructor was very impressed with what you have done and encouraged us to use your Java printf library [...].
Max Stolyrov, Oct 1999

The C like functions are helpful in getting up to speed with Java, cutting development time.
Siva Surya, First American Credco, USA, Aug 1999

Can you propose your software to SUN and ask them to include it in their JDK release? It should be a standard!
Marcel Nijman, Sep 1998

Great class!
Carl Johnson, USA. Oct 2000

WONDERFUL piece of work!! What Sun should have included, you have done. [...] I work at NASA on the Vision 2000 project, which is totally replacing the command, control and data systems for the Hubble Space Telescope.
Jeff Thompson, NASA, Nov 1997

I also tried the Lava Rocks version and found your version much more satisfactory and 10 times faster. Thank you for making this useful tool available to enhance the Java language!
Bill Gregg, Jun 2000

Hi, I think java printf is superb. I've already programmed some applications without using it and I've realized it's impossible to program without such an utility. Thanks for providing it...
Didimo Raffo, Mar 2000

Bless you!!! Ah ... thank you so much ... as an old C coder, I've found myself tormented over NOT having printf() in Java ... Much happier in Rockwille.
Dean Peters, Dec 1997

I have toyed around with other printf packages for Java and this one seems to work the best and seems to be the easiest to use. Thanks
Fred Welland, Jan 1998

I learned about Java printf by doing a search for the phrase 'Java printf' at the site. Its was easy to understand how to use it, easy to insert into my JBuilder project, and it worked as expected the first time I tried it. Good Work!!
Dennis Carroll, Minnesota Department of Transportation, May 2000

You are awesome.
Ab Ya, USA, Dec 2000

If this works the way you promised to, I cannot express in words what a relief it brings to hardened C-programmers (like 10 years of C programming) like me. Good job, keep it up and you did is good karma. Hey, Sun should include this in their lang class!
Rajan, Jun 2000

Very nice. I hope it became a standard in java package.
Ivan Berardinelli, GestWeb Spa, Italy, Nov 2000

I'm a C/C++ programmer switching to Java. This certainly helps very much.
Peter Oh, Sep 2000

Very good, easy to use and very convenient since I was used to c.
Torkjell Skomedal, Norway, Nov 2000

Very impressive package.
Lawrence Sepulveda, Apr 2000

I checked out a few different printf type string formatters on gamelan and found yours to be the best. [...] Thanks for a great package.
Alex Tang, May 2000

I am currently doing my Java Developer Course at Depaul University, Chicago. My Prof was all praise about your wonderful Package.
Gunpal Shetty, May 2000

Coming from a C background one of the first things you miss is the lack of printf formatting. I have "played" around with several implementations and this one is the most comprehensive. Very good!
Robert Patterson, June 2000

Hi Henrik. Cool package. It's nice to have the function printf in JAVA. It's a tedious task to do the formatting in hand. Keep up the good work.
Jorgen Skaarup, Denmark, Apr 1999

I am Atsushi Iyono, Associate Professor of Okayama Univ. of Science in Japan. Your Java version printf() utilities are impressive for my java programming of scientific work.
Atsushi Iyono, Japan, May 1999

I am teaching a course in GUI's using Java, this looks to be a useful package for that course. [...] Thank you for making this available.
Ben Setzer, Kennesaw State University, USA, Jan 1998

I'm lost trying to figure out DecimalFormat and other such evil classes. why is this so hard? printf is 100 times more useful than cout's setfill and this java stuff.
Jay Ball, Aug 1999

I really dig it!
Peter Myran, Mar 1998

A printf type function is the first thing one needs in any programming language and I think it's really great that you are providing this function. I am surprised that the originators of Java designed the language especially for C/C++ programmers and somehow forgot to provide printf. Thanks
Harish Diwan, Aug 1999

Your package proves very useful and certainly helps users through the daily job of print formatting. IT Division of CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics.
Wolfgang Hoschek, CERN, Switzerland, Aug 1999

This package is great, and easy to use. I use it to format output from and JDBC request Keep up the good job!
Franck Allimant, France, Jun 1999

I grew tired about lack of formatting normal java println routines. I thought writing similar lib myself, but then i found your EXCELLENT LIB! It's very usable. Thanks, for creating it.
Janne Savolainen, Finland, Feb 1999

Thanks for your contribution to Java!
Scott Ortel, Nov 1997

Learned from news group and it is very useful for creating dynamic HTML.
Shailesh Shah, ObjectSoft, USA, Feb 1998

I learned about printf when surfing It is great for dynamic html. I have coded on C for 9 years and C++ for about 6 years and a printf method in Java is definately needed. Thanks!
Dennis Yarborough, Feb 1998

Josh Emmons, Aug 1998

Hello, I have been using your printf stuff!!!! It is great!!!! Thanks so much for developing it and distributing it.
Mark Gordon, Mar 1998

Hello, I'm porting a c program at work and need printf functionality. Your class will save me a lot of time. [...] Thanks!
Jeff Hoepfinger, Aug 2000

I am starting to write some management science applications, and this package promises to save me time and headaches for formatting numerical output. Thank you for sharing the fruit of your labors.
Erick Duesing, Mar 1998

Thanx for a great package for us converted 'c' programmers!
Lee Bernbaum, USA, Oct 2000

You've done a superior job in printf. [...] Thank you very much!
John Schultz, Feb 2000